Författararkiv: Maria Krull

Maria is an impressionist painter portraying women across time and space. It is important that they have a story to tell, radiate emotions, thoughts, movements, and hopefully awaken the same to the viewer. Maria has a personal idea of the message in her paintings, but there is no right or wrong – viewers interpretations are just as valid. The hometown Stockholm is a frequent motive where impressionism meets abstract. Maria would like to be perceived as an evolving and experimenting artist as she adapts to changes and varieties in the art world while keeping her footprint. She want her audience to visit her shows with curiosity and open minds. Every exhibition shall be a new experience! REPRESENTED BY Nordic Art, Stockholm ArtFocus, Stockholm/Online KONST.SE, Online ArtistiQ, Singapore/Online CV 210417-210422: Combined Exhibition, Galleri Nordic Art 201219-201221: Solo Show Room at Christmas Art Fair, Galleri Nordic Art 201129-201221: Christmas Art Fair, Galleri Nordic Art 200829-200903:…

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